Augmentin is used to treat many different infections caused by bacteria, such as sinusitis, pneumonia, ear infections, bronchitis, urinary tract infections, and infections of the skin.

Tab augmentin cost : 50. * Poison resistance no longer increases damage over time. * Black mambas now bite with their front feet, and have a 2/3 chance to poison. * Red Sceptre of Torment damage reduced. * Removed item: speed book. * Item destruction is less effective against non-artefacts. * Added an abort message when attempting to autoinscribe randarts. * Removed potions of berserk rage and slowing effects. * Sif Muna piety stays constant. * Remove vampiric contamination from the game. Stone Soup 0.8.1 (20120404) --------------------------- * New species: Felids. * Skill training system overhauled. Now uses a skill queue similar to tiles. * Skill training no longer penalizes item conservation. * Experience pool overhaul. Each player gets their own random experience pool, and their skills are levelled up simultaneously. * Experience from monster kills is no longer split among multiple monsters. * Experience penalties (for destruction of useful items and failing to kill monsters with skills) are removed. * Monster decitudes are no longer determined by total number of enemies, but rather by maximum item/monster kill count. * New mutation: Slow Healing. Reduces max HP and MP regen, but increases MP regeneration. * Experience based monster descriptions. * Removed: Fulsome Distillation, Rod of Smashing, Shadows, Lear's Edict, Battlelust, Hungering Aura, Cause Fear, Cacofiend, Corrosion. Gods ---- * New god: Qazlal Stormbringer. is a temple god, with god gift for killing dragons and paladins. - Bless weapon now applies to all allies, but only once per kill. - Bless armour now applies to everyone, but only once per ally. - Bless species now also applies to the player and all allies. * Nemelex changes: - The Book of Conjurations is replaced by the Book of Sorcery, which gives the player the ability to cast level 7 and 8 spells. - The Book of Battle now grants the death blow option to all weapon attacks. - The Book of Power.

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